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EITEC Cover Systems

EITEC cover systems are constructed for the best possible protection of the machine against chips, cooling agents, chemicals, mineral oil, etc. and furthermore they also decrease the risk of accidents.

This high standard is guaranteed by in-house development and production using international state-of-the-art technology.

EITEC cover systems are available as single parts or as complete modules including guide track systems and roll away covers, making them flexible to fit into existing environments.

Scan code with Vuframe® App

EITEC products as 3D models - virtual representation in life size directly on site thanks to augmented reality.

With this link  https://www.vuframe.com/app/   you can install the VUFrame app on your Apple or Android device. Then open the link of the desired EITEC product and scan the QR code with your mobile device from the menu item Bookmarks.

With a simple swipe movement, by rotating and zooming, you can view the EITEC solution in detail and also animate the system in its movements by pressing the corresponding buttons. For this you can choose between the "3D", the "On Table" or the "Life Size View".

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Our browsable online catalogs give you an insight into our entire product portfolio.

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EITEC, with headquarters in Schweitenkirchen in Germany, sells innovative and high-quality protection systems. Since the founding of the company in 1992, EITEC has continually increased its services and established itself as a highly competent manufacturer of slideway protection systems. EITEC’s customer base includes well-known national and international machine tool manufacturers.

Green not only in Name

Sustainability at EITEC with its affiliated companies refers to following environmental guidelines and taking proactive measures for environmental protection.

We reduce CO2 emissions by using photovoltaic systems at our corporate sites at a national and international level. With our supply chain strategy (SCS), we minimize supply chains and the associated emissions.  We protect the environment through sustainable procurement and responsible use of resources and waste. Continuous technical developments and improvements to our products contribute to energy efficiency.

Current Job Offers

EITEC is a successful and innovative medium-sized company located between Munich and Ingolstadt in Germany.

As a supplier of machine protection systems, EITEC is among the most well-established, top addresses in the industry.