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Innovative and High-Quality Protection Systems

EITEC, with headquarters in Schweitenkirchen in Germany, sells innovative and high-quality protection systems. Since the founding of the company in 1992, EITEC has continually increased its services and established itself as a highly competent manufacturer of slideway protection systems. EITEC’s customer base includes well-known national and international machine tool manufacturers.

Ongoing Innovation

EITEC produces and sells high-quality protection systems that meet the highest demands and correspond to the state-of-the-art in science and technology. These high standards are made possible by in-house development, production and marketing of technologies

From Standard Products to Complete Solutions

As well as producing and marketing standard protection systems, EITEC develops and builds technologically advanced complete systems that are also made specially to customers’ requirements. Depending on the individual need, customized solutions are produced quickly and tested thoroughly before delivery. EITEC’s solution concept pays: coordination of individual parts is no longer necessary and our complete systems provide optimal results.

Green not only in Name

Sustainability at EITEC with its affiliated companies refers to following environmental guidelines and taking proactive measures for environmental protection.

We reduce CO2 emissions by using photovoltaic systems at our corporate sites at home and abroad. With our supply chain strategy (SCS), we minimize supply chains and the associated emissions.  We protect the environment through sustainable procurement and responsible use of resources and waste. Continuous technical developments and improvements to our products contribute to energy efficiency.


Extensive Product Portfolio

Way wipers and alu apron link covers are part of EITEC’s extensive product range which also includes roll away covers and bellows as well as steel covers and telescopic springs. EITEC knows the market well and will continue to test new technologies for you in the future, with a view to adding them to the product portfolio.

Expert Advice

EITEC’s friendly, competent Service Team offers you extensive support and advice - personally or by phone. Whether it’s standard products you are looking for or you have special requirements, EITEC is the right partner for you – flexibility and full-service are our strengths.

EITEC has already been awarded the TOP 100 seal three times. This means that EITEC has been one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany for many years.

Good ideas and systematic innovation processes make us successful.