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Cocktailmixer Demo AMB Exhibition 2016


  • Alutec GLK12.0 and GLK20 Aluminum Profile
  • Electrical drive
  • Slideway system
  • Housing
  • Transport device
  • Safety fence
  • Safety edge
  • Control (Frequency converter)


    • Place an empty glass on the right side of the holder
    • Select a cocktail on the touch panel
    • Both machine protection gates move automatically
    • The robot grabs the glass, mixes the cocktail and puts the cocktail into the holder on the left
    • The robot moves into its „home position“ and the machine protections gates open
    • Now the cocktail can be taken


    • No access during the mixing
    • Reliable opening and closing process
    • Integration into the existing process with selectable bus interfaces

    Technical data of the illustrated type:

    Mounting positionMachine Protection Gates
    Extension length2700 mm
    Width1000 mm
    Type of coverAluminum profile
    Type of driveMotor
    Spring motor
    Max. opening speed1 m/s
    Max. closing speed1 m/s
    Min. reverse radius25 mm
    Apron weight21.6 kg
    Option EiCON controlYes
    Application areaMachine construction
    Reference numberRef: 0020